25kW Electric Surfboard Kit - JetX-100V2

25kW Electric Surfboard Kit – JetX-100V2

25kW Electric Surfboard Kit – JetX-100V2

We created plug and play kit for everyone who want to create their watercraft easily than ever before!

No need to source a dozen different parts for your build and design complicated parts any more. With our kit we will save you those worries so you can focus only on your watercraft design . All our parts are custom made for their purpose and everything fits perfectly.

Creating electric jet surf is a very complicated process. Development includes everything from board shape, propulsion jet pump, impeller size, vesc/esc power, remote control, motor type, battery, strong motor mount, shaft alignments, cooling, water tightness, shat seals, correct bearings, sturdiness of the surfboard etc… Our kit solves many of those struggles.

About the 25kW Electric Surfboard Kit – JetX-100V2

Kit is made from premium components and materials that were carefully chosen to meet the requirements of delivering end use product. Weight of complete set is 7,5kg.

Jet pump

As stated in the title the kit includes JetX-100V2 jet pump. If you need more information about this pump please click here.



In this kit 25kW outrunner brushless motor is included. This motor has enormous torque and power. Due to it’s lower rpm than 15kW version we suggest to use this motor for voltages above 65V. Motor is watercooled and also sensored. Thanks to hall sensor it’s possible to make very soft and controled starts. If you need more information about the motor please click here.

Motor mount

Due to high strenght demands and temperature dissipation we switched from bulky plastic motor mount to stainless steel modular motor mount. It’s made from 6 parts all together that are connected with 5 m5 bolts. Motor itself is bolted to the back side of the main plate with 10 m4 bolts. Wiring and coolant hoses go through the holding bracket to prevent any rubbing againts the spinning motor shaft.  On the top there is attached bracket plate that holds VESC unit firmly in place even when there is a lot of vibrations and shocks from external factors. Whole motor mount serves well in heat dissipation from motor and vesc although they are already watercooled.

Control unit

Kit includes 300A 75V VESC. Thanks to this smart controller every parameter can be programed according to the needs of user. Everything from start power, rpm range, maximum current, temperature range, voltage cut off, maximum power, battery limits etc. can be easily programed in vesc tool software avaliable online. If you need more information about this control unit click here.

Remote control

Intelligent Remote Controller VX3 is added to kit. Remote is waterproof and perfect for watersport equipment. when used together with our vesc controller, a lot of data is displayed on the remote screen, such as: throttle in percent, vesc temperature, power in kW, current in A, battery capacity, signal strength, speed measured via GPS, distance traveled etc. Different speed modes can be chosen between L – M – H with simple press of a button. Once the remote senses low battery voltage of your watercraft, it will vibrate and display warning message. If you need more information about this remote please click here.


Detailed instruction manual  – DOWNLOAD HERE

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