100mm Water Jet Thruster – JetX-100V2

JetX-100v2 Propulsion Unit With Steering System - Unique propulsion unit concept

100mm Water Jet Thruster – JetX-100V2 is a big step ahead from previous version which has already proven itself to many our customers around the world. The new jet pump version has an impeller that is larger for 20 mm and highly improves the thrust. With efficiency of 79,74 % it really represents the state of art for jet pump. It can produce 8,5 kg (83 Newtons) of static thrust per 1 kW of power (tested with 110kv outrunner brushless motor). With this efficiency rate, 525 L of water is pumped every minute if using only 1 kW of power.


New, robust design with two separated open loop water cooling systems. The first one cools down the ceramic bearing and the shaft, and the second one is used to cool down electric/gasoline engine and electronics. If second stage is not needed it can be easily bypassed from brass outlet to inlet using a short tube. First stage is always in operational mode and takes care of the constant cooling of the bearing. With this 100mm Water Jet Thruster – JetX-100V2 innovative cooling technique there is no need for additional external tube in the nozzle. Both cooling circles have outlet directly in suction system which prevents pressure loss.

Improvements of JetX-100v2 Propulsion Unit

  • New impeller design provides better water suction in comparison with previous versions. The new shape of the impeller blades makes the impeller less prone to cavitation at higher rpm. Carbon Fiber impeller can withstand high loads while accelerating with vessel.
  • New, highly efficient nozzle contains 8 pole stator, whose vanes were carefully developed and tested under various circumstances in dyno testing pool. Their new shape enable high efficiency and water flow, which is transformed from swirling to straight output jet with high velocity. Because of this design the 79,74% of efficiency is retained.
  • New intake guard is made from high strength marine grade stainless steel 316L, which is able to withstand salt water environment. With new JetX-100v2, the intake guard is integrated in jet pump itself and it prevents suction of grass, rocks, dirt, fish etc…, into the jet system. Steel parts are cut with precise laser to ensure perfect fit. Carbon fiber part of intake guard directs the water flow directly to the impeller. This improve water inlet and consequently the vessel’s grip on the water when moving.
  • The turbine housing is designed in a way that allows an easy motor attachment. With such an attachment, we can easily align the engine and turbine shafts, which are connected to each other with a flexible coupling. Bottom part should be sealed with silicone glue and screwed with 6 mounting bolts.
  • Steering (moving) nozzle has been improved with a new, more efficient shape. Additionally, it is equipped with a stronger lever that is attached to the steering rod with a M5 bolt, and provides improved stability and control. Stator part has special shape that allows the moving nozzle to tilt 25° in both sides to make sharp turns. Protective spherical edge is shaped to prevent water splashing inside the vessel and losing any water thrust when making a turn.