To achieve maximum strength, our impellers are meticulously manufactured at high temperatures and are made of PET reinforced with Carbon Fibers. The unique properties of carbon fibers provide numerous advantages. Firstly, their stiffness ensures shape retention under pressure, making them highly desirable in industries like automotive manufacturing. Additionally, carbon fibers offer an excellent balance between strength and lightness, making them an ideal substitute for metal parts. Their low density contributes to the impeller’s remarkable lightness, weighing only half as much as aluminum.

Furthermore, the tensile strength of the filament enhances dimensional stability, ensuring precise performance. Our Carbon Fiber Impellers deliver outstanding durability and reliability while maintaining a lightweight profile.

Experience the benefits of this cutting-edge impeller technology, delivering exceptional performance, superior strength, and reduced weight for your watercraft propulsion needs. Upgrade your vessel with  PET-Carbon Fiber Impeller and take your aquatic adventures to new heights.

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