Water Propulsion System Jet-X 80

water jet for jet surf

Water jet thruster for electric surf

New jet pump concept

We developed completely new concept of water propulsion system that can be used for custom electric or gasoline jet surf, kayak or smaller boats.  You can check it here.

Water Propulsion System Jet-X 80

A unique cooling system

It features two stage cooling system that ensures efficient cooling of the internal and external parts of the pump. Inox 316 shaft and full ceramic bearings prevents any kind of rust when using it in salt water. Brass inserts for easy instalaton to your vessel.. 

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Industrial grade material

Pump is made from technical ASA material that gives us high strength  of the main housing and temperature resistance to 100°C that you will never be able to reach when runnning in the water thanks to our efficient cooling system.

Coolant holes of two stage coling system created by MA-3D Design

Motor ready

Thanks to our preparation for engine installation you can install your engine directly on the pump housing. Using this methode it’s much easier to align the motor shaft with pump shaft. 

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