Water Propulsion System Jet-X100


Water Propulsion System JetX-100 is next level of our popular JetX80 system.

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Water Propulsion System JetX-100 is next level of our popular JetX80 system.

It features new and more stable design with two stage open loop water cooling system, that has even more cold water flow. First stage cools down the ceramic bearing and the shaft, and the second stage is used to cool down your electric or gasoline engine and your electronics. If you don’t need second stage you simply bypass it from outlet to inlet with a short tube. First stage is always in operational mode and takes care of the constant cooling of the bearing. With this cooling technique there is no need for external tube in the nozzle which then needs to be conducted inside the vessel. There is no pressure loss with this cooling system since both cooling circles has outlet directly in suction system. 


Jet-X100 propulsion unit is a step ahead based on our JetX-80 system which has already proven itself to many our customers around the world. It has 20mm larger impeller that highly improves thrust.  While testing we reached 50kg of statc thrust at only 8000rpm.

Specially designed impeller  gives us more thrust with low rpm range motors. This setup is perfect for up to 17.000 rpm

You can attach your motor directly on the water propulsion system JetX-100 with 6 bolts to m4 brass inserts. This will help with easier shaft alignment. Feel free to contact us with details and we can make you custom motor mount or some other modifications.

Nozzle with 8 pole stator and ceramic bearing inside with an attitional cooling holes that keep bearing cooled down even at the highest rpm. Carbon Fiber impeller is standard and it can withstand high loads.

All our parts are made with industrial 3D printers and high quality materials made in EU.

Package includes two gaskets for the main housing and the nozzle. Bottom part needs to be glued with silicone to your wessel. If you use thruster with intake shield  you need to glue shield on to the thruster first. And then bottom part of the shield to your vessel and compress all together with 6 mounting bolts at the bottom.



  • impeller size: 99mm
  • main housing size: L298mm x W140mm x H141mm
  • weight: 1.2kg
  • nozzle length: H98mm
  • 4mm thick walls of main housing
  • 6 mounting brass inserts for motor mount
  • 6 mounting brass inserts on the bottom for easier pump instalation
  • 5 brass inserts for nozzle attachment
  • 12mm inox 316 shaft (salt waterA4 quality)
  • flexible coupling 10-12mm
  • 2x high speed ceramic bearing
  • mechnical seal on the shaft
  • housing material: Acrylonitrile styrene acrylate
  • Impeller material: PET- Carbon Fibre
  • inox bolts
  • housing color: black
  • thrust: up to 680N/68Kg

Note: this pump needs powerful motor (electric or gasoline) to get that amount of thrust (at least 8kw and 12Nm of torque).


Thruster with normal and steering nozzle, Thruster with normal and steering nozzle + intake shield, Thruster with normal nozzle, Thruster with normal nozzle and intake shield, Thruster with steering nozzle, Thruster with steering nozzle and intake shield, Thruster without any nozzle