SpearGun Anatomical Handle


Brand new speargun handle with anatomical shape . Developed with newest technology to achieve grip perfection. It is shaped for optimal gun holding angle and for easy installing.

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SpearGun Anatomical Handle 

The grip supports the thumb muscle and thumb itself, allowing more control over moving the rifle left and right while aiming, which is especially useful for longer guns.

Base plate and trigger guard are made from PET- Carbon Fiber for maximum strength. Handle is covered with medium granulation sand for best possible grip. Special covering technic is used for ensuring better bond between handle and sand, compared to glue. The base plate shape offers replacement with Neptonics or Tinman assembly.

Designed for easy speargun attachment, corners with 3/16″ radius were selected to match a 3/8″ diameter router bit for easy recessed mounting.

The handle system is assembled from 3 pieces with 316L stainless steel screws. Left and righ hand options.

Please choose desired quanity.

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Left Hand, Right Hand