Large Replica Fossil T.Rex Dinosaur Skull 70CM


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T-Rex Dinosaur Skull 1:5 Replica Fossil 70cm Long

Large scale T-rex skull replica. It is 3D printed with industrial FDM 3D printer and coated with our special formula impregnation that will improve material stability outside. It is rain and UV resistant.

Perfect for large living room, garden decoration, luxury driveway

If you are interested in other sizes or have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Replica is made on demand. Lead time is 20 working days.

Skull on the picture is 90cm in length.



  • 1:5 scale 70cm in length
  •  Made with Industrial 3D printers
  •  Color- dirty white- bone white or black
  •  Weight approximately 12kg
  •  Made in EU