JetX-100V2 15kW/25kW Motor Mount


Strong and modular motor mount that will survive anything. Made from pure laser cut stainless steel parts and stainless steel bolts.

JetX-100V2 15kW/25kW Motor Mount


Due to high strength demands and temperature dissipation we designed stainless steel modular JetX-100V2 15kW/25kW Motor Mount. It’s made from 6 parts all together that are connected with 5 m5 bolts. Motor itself is bolted to the back side of the main plate with 10 m4 bolts. Wiring and coolant hoses go through the holding bracket to prevent any rubbing against the spinning motor shaft.  It includes bracket plate on the top that has holes aligned with vesc attachment points. Our 300A vesc can be attached firmly in place even when there is a lot of vibrations and shocks from external factors. Whole motor mount serves well in heat dissipation from motor and vesc although they are already water cooled.

If other control unit is used, vesc mounting plate can be simply detached.

Designed especially for 15kW and 25kW motors and 75V 300A Vesc control unit. It fits to JetX-100V2 propulsion unit (with and without steering nozzle) and it’s attached to it with 6 M4 screws


  • material : stainless steel
  • weight : aprox. 700g
  • designed for JetX-100V2
  • fits 15kW and 25kW motors
  • fits 75V 300A Vesc

In the package you will receive:

  • 2x 5mm stainless steel parts
  • 4x 2mm stainless steel parts
  • m5 assembly bolts
  • m4 motor attachment bolts
  • m3 vesc holding bolts


Note: motor and vesc on pictures are only for demonstration of use.

Package is shipped from EU warehouse, so no import duties for EU buyers. Buyers from countries outside of the EU are responsible for paying import fees.