Custom Made Impeller

Fill all the important information and we will make you custom carbon fiber impeller.

Made from high strength PAHT mixed with carbon fibers which give the finished product very high stiffnes. It can withstand high loads when accelerating with your vessel.

For achieving the maximum strength, we manufacture them at high temperature.


  • Stiffness – Generally, polymers with high strength and durability lack stiffness. Carbon fibers do not have this problem as they can maintain their shape under high pressure. This feature is highly desirable and is used in the automotive industry (as car mounts or control gauges).
  • Strength and lightness – Due to their high tensile strength and light carbon fibers, they are ideal for substitutes for metal parts. Low density is the reason why carbon fiber filament is so light.
  • Good dimensional stability – the tensile strength of the filament contributes to greater dimensional stability.
  • It has half the density of aluminum and this is what makes this impeller super light.

We usually need 2-3 business days to design and manufacture custom impeller to your needs.

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