Introducing our versatile flexible shaft couplers, designed to provide seamless connection and efficient power transmission. Crafted from high-quality aluminum offer exceptional durability and reliability.

Featuring a compact size of 30*25mm, these couplers are perfect for various applications. The bore size ranges from 10mm to 12mm, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of shafts.

Engineered with a clamp and two hexagon screws to prevent shaft slipping, even under heavy loads. This additional security ensures a stable and precise connection, enhancing overall performance.

With a lightweight design weighing only 28g, these couplers minimize the impact on the overall system weight while maintaining excellent strength and rigidity.

Whether you’re working on robotics, 3D printers, or other precision machinery, our flexible shaft couplers provide a reliable and efficient solution. Trust in their quality construction and precise locking mechanism to deliver smooth and consistent power transmission.

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