Propulsion Systems

The JetX Series propulsion systems revolutionize water propulsion technology with their new and more stable design. Featuring a two-stage open-loop water cooling system, these units provide increased cold water flow for optimal performance. The first stage efficiently cools the ceramic bearing and shaft, while the second stage cools the engine and electronics. If not needed, the second stage can be easily bypassed. With this cooling technique, there is no need for an external tube in the nozzle, eliminating complex routing inside the vessel and minimizing pressure loss.

The JetX-100 propulsion systems represents a significant advancement over its predecessor, the JetX-80 system. With a larger impeller, it delivers impressive thrust and achieved a remarkable 50kg of static thrust at only 8000rpm during testing. Its specially designed impeller ensures maximum thrust even at low RPM ranges, making it perfect for speeds up to 17,000rpm.

Attaching your motor directly to the JetX-100 water propulsion system is simple, using six bolts and M4 brass inserts. This allows for easy shaft alignment. Custom motor mounts or other modifications can be arranged upon request.

The JetX-100 features a nozzle with an 8-pole stator and a ceramic bearing, which ensures efficient cooling even at high RPMs. Its carbon fiber impeller, known for its strength, is standard and capable of withstanding high loads.

Experience the power and versatility of the JetX Series propulsion units. Upgrade your watercraft with these state-of-the-art units, offering exceptional thrust, reliable cooling, and customizable options. Take your water adventures to new heights with the JetX Series.