About Us


Developing our skills since 2014

Everything started with a purchase of our first 3D printer. At the beginning we used only basic hobby materials, but very soon our knowledge grew day by day and desires of producing high quality products arose. Now we are specialized in printing wide range of materials, such as ASA, ABS, Carbon fiber, PAHT, etc. which allows us to manufacture high quality parts. In all those years we gained lots of knowledge and experiences in CAD designing, FDM 3D printing and developing individual products, which helps us accomplish the most demanding projects of clients from all over the world.

Electric surfboard concept

Our qualities

Our best quality is knowledge that we have acquired over the years in 3D printing and prototyping industry. From the very beginning we strive for innovative solutions in manufacturing new products. During the whole process of development our team is flexible and tries to satisfy the customers expectations, but also fulfill all the technical requirements of product.

Our Vision

Our main goal is to produce something that once seemed impossible. We advise each client individually and help them bring their ideas to life. With our 3D printing services we want to open the doors into the manufacturing of bigger parts at competitive prices.

JetX-100v2 propulsion system 

Performance impeller