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Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Our company is mostly specialized in FDM 3D printing. FDM technology is an additive manufacturing (AM) method, characterized by the extrusion and selective deposition of thermoplastic into layers that build up to create three-dimensional objects. FDM uses digital design files that are uploaded to the machine, which translates them into the physical dimensions. A thermoplastic filament is pushed through an extruder and deposited where needed in each layer to complete the desired object. FDM is the most widely used technology across most industries. Using this technology we are able to produce complex geometries and parts with internal cavities.

What can we offer you

Rapid Prototyping

Our printing technology offers a significant advantage in fast prototyping. With our 3D printing on demand services, we can seamlessly take you from initial design to manufacturing in just one day. Experience the speed and efficiency of our streamlined process, allowing you to bring your ideas to life rapidly and effectively.

Cost Effective Manufacturing

Harness the cost-effective power of our 3D printing on demand services for manufacturing prototypes and small series. By utilizing this innovative technology, we provide you more affordable option compared to expensive injection molding tools. With our services, you can create a model and validate your design before investing in extensive production processes. Enjoy the cost savings and flexibility of our 3D printing services.

Design Services

Professional design is essential for making a great final product. CAD allows you to create more accurate design representations. If you don’t have any experience with CAD software, our skilled team will transform your ideas or hand drawings into a professional CAD drawing. 

Ability To Produce Complex Shapes

Transforming complex sketches into an actual products can be huge manufacturing challenge. While other manufacturing processes excel in many areas, their limitations arise with intricate shapes. That’s where 3D printers shine, effortlessly creating complex geometries that traditional methods cannot. Embrace the power of 3D printing for bringing your intricate designs to life.

Online Store

We use many different techniques for manufacturing final products which are available in our online store. Each product is fully designed and developed in our company. We offer different propulsion systems, decorative replicas and many other end-use products which we constantly test and improve their capabilities.

Post Processing

Our products are highly versatile, ready for various fine processing techniques such as grinding, painting, polishing, and reinforcing with fibers. With wide range of post processing techniques you can achieve desired finish of product.

Technical Support

In every project we actively participate with customer during the whole process. Our skilled team of printing engineers will help and advise you in case of any technical challenges your project may have. We strive to meet the requirements of each individual customer.